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Let's Flicker Like Stars.

Japanese Mythology Pt.2: Aka Manto

Aka Manto (Red Cape) is a Japanese urban legend about a malicious spirit who haunts public and school toilets, who will ask you if you want red paper or blue paper.

If you’re sitting on the toilet (usually the last stall), a mysterious voice will ask you if you want red paper or blue paper. If you answer red paper, you will be sliced apart till your clothes are stained red. If you choose blue paper, you will be strangled till your face turns blue. Any attempt to outsmart Aka Manto by asking for a different colour will result in you being dragged to the netherworld. The only correct answer to say is ‘No paper’.

The Legend:

A police man and woman were called to a school after a student reported hearing a male voice in the girl’s bathroom. The police woman went to the bathroom while her male partner waited outside. When inside the stall a voice asked “Shall we put on the red vest?” The police man outside, who was listening at the door, heard his partner answer “Yes”. A sudden scream and loud thud followed. When the policeman opened the bathroom door, he found the police woman decapitated. Her blood had soaked into her vest, turning it red

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